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Want to start your own small business but have no money? No qualms. In this post you will find government funding for small business, SME grants, small business funding for startups, and more. However, before starting your own small business, you first make plans for SME loans and business grants. And try to understand how small business loans, free business grants, and small business financing works, and how you could get any one of them to fund your new business. To refresh your memory, small business funding refers to the means by which a start-up or a current business owner obtains money to start a new small business or brings money into an existing business to finance the day to day business activities.


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If you are planning to think outside the box and lunch your own small business, but could not proceed because you cannot get adequate business funding or enough small business loans, you are not alone. It’s the same problem that affected many prospective star-ups in many developing and under developed countries. It’s much more difficult to start a small business in a third world country because they do not have financial institutions specifically catering for SMEs. Those in small business categories cannot get Government funding, business grants or federal small business loans, and the private funding companies are too expensive and often out of reach for ordinary small business owners. However, every start-up and new small business operators knows that it costs money to start a small business or manage an existing one. Therefore, how to fund your new business must be one of the first financial choices to make, because success or failure of your small business depends largely on how you choose to finance and manage your business.

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There are many ways to finance your new or existing business therefor, you must first determine how much funding you’ll need, and how long it will take to get it. Though, every business has different needs, and individuals differ in business management styles, but one thing is very certain, your personal financial situation and plans for your business will shape the success or failure of your new business. Once you know how much startup funding you’ll need, then you have to figure out how you’ll get it. And many small business owners have fumbled on this, and ended up in wrong hands, resulting in getting too much loans, and excessive funding.

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