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Like in most countries, the government, organizations and financial institutions in South Africa provides money in form of small business grants to new start-up businesses, and also for existing businesses. With the current economic down-turn, and unemployment issues hitting the country, small business grants are very essential in the economic growth and development of the country because SMEs creates most jobs, and definitely increases the entrepreneur’s income. However, there are different kinds of grants in South Africa therefor, it depends on the type of grant that fits your small business. And to help you more, we have researched deep to bring you more searching options to find any type of grant you need in South Africa.

Below are the list of grants available for businesses in South Africa: You simply visit the website, and read the requirements, and accept the terms and conditions before applying. Each grant has its own terms.

Black Business Supplier Development Programme (BBSDP)
This is a grant offered to small black-owned and managed enterprises to help them start, and manage a small business, and also to enable them create jobs for others and contribute to the economic development of the country in general. The program provides grant to entrepreneurs to start a new business or help upgrade an existing one.

Manufacturing Investment Programme (MIP) – This company offers cash grant for not only local creative entrepreneurs but also foreign-owned, and managed manufacturers who wants to establish a new production facility or upgrade an existing one in South Africa.

Seda Technology Programme (STP)
In other to strengthen the support to SMEs, The government of South Africa decided to merge the activities of the following programs into one unified program (Seda Technology Program) that cares for all SMEs in South Africa: Godisa Trust, the National Technology Transfer Centre (NTTC), the three business incubators of the dti, the Technology Advisory Centre (TAC), the technology-transfer activities of the Technology for Women in Business (TWIB) programme and the support programmes for small enterprises of the South African Quality Institute. The Seda Technology Program offers all types of grants to not only entrepreneurs but also to all SMEs operating in South Africa.

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Film and Television Incentive

In other to support the entertainment industry, the Government offers incentives to promote both local film production and Foreign Film and Television Production, Post-Production Incentive and the South African Film and Television Production and Co-Production Incentive. However, the main purpose of the Foreign Film and Television Production and Post-Production Incentive is to attract foreign-based film productions to shoot on location in South Africa. And also to assist local film producers in the production of local films, and TV programs.

Automotive Investment Scheme – AIS
This is a grant to help entrepreneurs in the automotive sector to grow and develop the automotive sector and increase the plant production volumes, create jobs, and strengthen the automotive value chain locally.

Support Programme for Industrial Innovation – SPII
This is a grant program designed to promote technology development in South Africa. They provide financial assistance to SMEs for the development of innovative products.

Textile Competitiveness Improvement Programme – CTCIP
This is a grant to small business owners who are into clothing and textile manufacturing business in South Africa. The aim is to enable them to manage the production, and supply their customers with quality products on time.

Capital Projects Feasibility Programme – CPFP
This is a grant that helps entrepreneurs who are engaged in costly feasibility studies of projects that will help local exports for South African products.

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Business Process Services Incentive – BPS

This is an incentive program created by the South African Government. They implemented a Business Process Outsourcing and Offshoring incentive programme which has created numerous new jobs, and improved South Africa’s position as an investment destination.

South Africa Trade, Export and Investment Incentives

The government assists SMEs by providing various incentives to South African firms to export their products internationally. However, the Export Marketing and Investment Assistance (EMIA) scheme compensates exporters for their expenses in developing export markets for South African products and services. Their main objective is to develop an export market in South Africa and also to assist South African exporters to compete in the global export market.

Export Marketing and Investment Assistance – EMIA
This is a grant offered to South African entrepreneurs who are engaged in local and international trade shows. The dti assists South African exporters by organising National Pavilions to showcase quality local products at international trade exhibitions. The EMIA scheme pays for space rental, the construction and maintenance of stands, electricity and water charges, as well as freight charges (CIF).

Critical Infrastructure Programme – CIP
This is a cash grant mainly offered for projects designed to improve critical infrastructure projects in South Africa. However, the grant is only offered to qualified entrepreneurs upon the completion of the infrastructure project. And the infrastructure for which the funds are needed must be deemed to be critical.

Incubation Support Programme – ISP
This is a grant to SMEs to enable them develop incubators into successful enterprises. The grant also enable the entrepreneurs to support local and national economies in South Africa.

DTI – Small, Micro and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMME) Development Incentives

Enterprise Investment Programme – EIP

This is a cash grant mainly offered to co-operatives enterprises. It is an incentive for co-operative enterprises to acquire development services, and the experience to turn their small business into a medium sized enterprise.

The Technology and Human Resources for Industry Programme – THRIP
This is a partnership programme financed by the dti and fully managed by the National Research Foundation (NRF). The program supports science, engineering and technology research projects in South Africa.

Manufacturing Competitiveness Enhancement Programme – MCEP
This is a grant mainly for manufacturing enterprises. The aim is to encourage manufacturers to develop their production facilities in a way that creates more jobs in South Africa.

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Sector-Specific Assistance Scheme – SSAS
This is a grant that offers financial support to export councils, joint action groups and industry associations in South Africa.

Production Incentive – PI
This is a grant that enable manufacturers, and leather goods and footwear industries to upgrade their production facilities not only to supply more quality finished goods but also to create more jobs in South Africa.

Foreign Investment Grant – FIG
This is a grant that help foreign investors for costs incurred in moving heavy machinery and equipment from abroad to South Africa.

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This is a comprehensive guide to SME grants in South Africa. Each grant has its requirements therefore, browse through each one, and read all the terms and conditions before applying. We will keep updating the post as we find more small business grants available in South Africa. Visit our website regularly to get more information regarding best small business funding, and SME grants in South Africa.